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Mask Wearing

BLOG Mask Wearing in the West


There have been many theories about how the Coronavirus Covid-19 was first introduced and who introduced it. Many point to China as this was the first case the journalist had reported to the world. Whoever, whatever these are the answers we can discover at a later date. For now, the World has evolved into a different place.


Whether you believed it was anything to worry about or not in the beginning is now irrelevant. This virus is upon us and no one is guaranteed their own life. Were people in the West watching activities in the Far East? Considering nowadays we have social mediaanything can trend around the world in minutes. Some people passed it off as we are too far away, we are safe. But people travel, not viruses.


Videos of people in China and Hong Kong fighting over masks to try and prevent themselves and others from spreading possibly the coronavirus itself. Those masks dont work said the West and many I engaged with through work. The governments in the far east echoed to its people, any form of mask will help even self-made ones. People around me laughed and said it looked ridiculous and an over-exaggeration to something that was a little worse than flu.


Video from Jan 30th 2020


There was an erring quote I picked up from Ian Johnson of the New York Times on the 13th March 2020, in which he said China bought the West time, the West Squandered it. Other papers quoted China as being the template to contain, control and rid this virus, buying time for a global vaccination.


It started slowly, but it picked up pace. USA, Italy, France, UK started seeing more and more cases of the virus then the deaths. In Italy more and more people turned to masks and then to small EU countries who turned to masks before the cases and deaths had time to pick up a big pace. It is ironic that even with the NHS plea for more masks to be made available within hospitals, the general public largely have not picked up on mask use in public to help reduce the cases and huge pressures on our beloved NHS, together with the healthcare teams and key workers.


The video below summarises how mask wearing has helped this young lady and her country:


Over the past few weeks, I have not been bulk buying or buying unnecessary food items, I have in fact been ordering masks for family and friends. I want to ensure that collectively we continue living to be able to eat another day.


If this message works and saves just one life, I will have done my job.