March News Updates

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March News Updates



Please find the links below for news as it happened during the month.


  • 5th March

First UK death confirmed as cases surge to 116

  • 12th March

UK moves to the Delay Stage & what are the four stages?


  • 19th March

Boris orders the closure of school throughout England


  • 20th March

Closure of all pubs, clubs, restaurants, Cinemas and Gyms


  • 23rd March

Boris orders a Lockdown throughout the country to reduce the spread of the virus


  • 27th March

Clap for Carers Millions of people turn out to show their support and appreciation

  • 31st March

NHS told they will receive thousands more Ventilators next week as death toll reaches 1,789 in the UK


China helps equip the UK with life-saving Ventilators