Our Members

WNA Members

At WNA, we acknowledge that our staff, both office and frontline healthcare professionals, are our greatest asset and we therefore look continuously to expand our pool of talented individuals. From the point of application and throughout the employment, we look after and guide our staff where possible. This creates a domino effect and it allows us to place our highly talented staff with clients.

Being a healthcare agency and a main/preferred supplier to many establishments across the National Frameworks, we offer shifts with various shift patterns, both locally and nationally. This gives the flexibility and variety that our members require. Whether they can work days, nights, mornings, evenings etc. the variety and choice is theirs.

We have members that:

  • Work for the NHS and top up their hours through WNA
  • Work solely for WNA
  • Work for other agencies and WNA

We always tell members that the choice is theirs. For members that rely mostly on agency work, we are honest and inform them that the more flexible they are, then the more shifts they will be open to. This includes both the shift patterns and transportation to the shift.

Being a member with WNA Healthcare carries many benefits from joining incentives, to on-going cash refunds, access to in-house training and an Occupational Health service. Not only that, but also the satisfaction of being in a successful team and making a big contribution towards it!

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