Here at WNA Healthcare, we believe that the high-quality and professional staff we send out to client establishments each day deserve to be paid competitively. We acknowledge the fact that our staff in the frontline are in the spotlight each time they work, and it is down to them to deliver and carry our reputation across.

Our Business Development team not only regularly reviews Client Charge Rates but they also review pay rates for all of our healthcare professionals. If we can increase our pay due to an increased charge rate, then we will. Our reputation for competitive pay is renowned in the industry and this has helped us in attracting more and more healthcare professionals.

Recently we have upgraded our accounting system and expanded our accounts department. This has allowed all the timesheets to be processed and invoiced on the same day! The result of this is payment at the beginning of each week! Staff can now email timesheets to a dedicated email address rather than the usual fax or posting method.

Payslips are produced on a weekly basis and can be collected weekly by staff or they are posted out at the end of each month. On the back of each timesheet, it will show the details of each shift and the payment per hour and for the complete shift. Staff needing to pay for items such as training courses, uniform, vaccinations etc. can do so by deductions, BACS, cheque or by our new Point of Sale Terminal (POST) machine.

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