British Sandwich Week

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British Sandwich Week

BRITISH SANDWICH WEEK: 19th to 26th May 2019


What is it?

This is a week-long celebration of the most popular food to go and maybe the most iconic British culinary invention the mighty Sandwich! This event has grown year on year and is celebrated by a week of events with many manufacturers offering special promotions and donating proceeds to charity. There is even a special sandwich awards ceremony called, the Sammies where awards such as Best New Sandwich, Sandwich Retailer of the Year are given out.


First Commercial Sandwich

Marks & Spencer have been credited as providing the first packaged sandwich due to the creation of the easy seal pack. Britains favourite sandwich is Chicken, which accounts to 31% of the commercially made sandwiches each year. See below for Britains top 10 fillings and tonnes consumed each year (Source:

  1. Chicken 43,000
  2. Cheese 16,000
  3. Ham 15,000
  4. Egg 14,000
  5. Bacon  7,000
  6. Prawns  6,250
  7. Tuna  6,250
  8. Salmon  3,000
  9. Beef  2,750
  10. Sausages 250


What does WNA Healthcare offer?

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