Open Training Courses

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Open Training Courses


WNA Healthcare can boast of being one of the most complete healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK. Healthcare members currently have access to the following:

  • DBS Processing service
  • CSTF Aligned Training in its own training room
  • Immunisation Vaccine & Blood testing in its own clinic
  • Fitness to Work Certificate service

Kenny Ng, our HR, IT & Compliance Manager is a CIPD Accredited Professional and he is always promoting Continued Professional Development. Acute Training have been supplying specialist courses to our members over the past 2 years in subjects such as Venepuncture, Cannulation, Tracheostomy and IV Therapy.

A lot of our members have asked for various specialist courses due to both the training fulfilment of the NMC Revalidation scheme and also as part of their own continued development. But due to limited demand, the course had to be cancelled. To address this, Acute Training have planned some Open Day courses at our offices. Details are as follows:


-         25th September 2017 - Venepuncture (am), Catherisation (pm)

-         19th October 2017       - Verification of Death (am), Wound    


-         22nd November 2017  - Tracheostomy Care (am), Diabetes &  

                                          Insulin Administration


Each course is £49 or £79 for the full day and this includes a certificate of attendance.

If you require further information, please contact Kenny on 01202 665550.