NMC Revalidation

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As many Nurses are aware, the NMC Revalidation scheme is underway with the Pilot Scheme currently running results will be released next month. The Pilot scheme has involved 2,000 nurses across 19 organisations. Early indications show that the scheme has been positive and straight forward.

To assist our nurses, we are looking at a range of companies to support them during the revalidation process. Updates will be released in the monthly newsletters.

Finally from November 2015, nurses must send their documents and pay their fees before the annual expiry to remain on the register. Payments made after will not be accepted. Nurses will then need to apply for readmission a process taking 2 to 6 weeks. In that period, the nurse will not be able to practise. To assist members, the NMC will be introducing the option for fees to be paid in instalments.

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