Happy 75th Birthday NHS

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Happy 75th Birthday NHS



On this day, 75 years ago, the National Health Service was launched. Treating over a million people a day today, it has touched our lives and every generation since its launch. 


Some high points include:


- Britain's first kidney transplant in 1960

- Europe's first liver transplant in 1968

- World's first CT scan on a patient in 1971

- World's first IVF test-tube baby in 1978

- World's first national offering of the whooping cough, measles, tuberculosis programme

- World's first liver, heart and lung transplant in 1987

- Meningitis C vaccine offered nationally in a world first in 1999 


In more recent times, who can forget the Covid-19 research and development that enabled the world's first effective treatment for Covid-19 vaccine in the world.


Finally just last year in 2022:


- robotic systems helped to treat patients with prostate cancer and sallow them to return home within 24 hours.

- First new treatment for sickle cell disease in over two decades

- 100th cancer drug was fast tracked to patients through the NHS Cancer Drugs Fund.


We salute the NHS today and thank all staff past and present for contributing to the national success of this national service and for the continuous efforts to improve the service for patients throughout the UK.


WNA Healthcare is honoured to be able to play a part in supplying high quality staff to the NHS throughout the UK.